Fairbang Birdscarer

Agricultural Electronics Design and Manufacture

We are a family firm based in Leyburn in the Yorkshire Dales. We offer a range of special purpose instruments and controls for the Agricultural industry.


Fairbang Bird Scarer

Birdscarer Standard

The Standard version, features single bangs with variable pre-set time intervals.

Seed drill controller

Accord Drill Box

Get control of your seeding with this popular controller. Provides economical seed distribution.

Temperature probe and display unit

Grain Temperature Probe

This is a great tool for monitoring the temperature and quality of your grain whilst in storage.

Battery and charger unit

Battery and Charger

The last thing you need while out in the field is a flat battery.

Message Mate

Message Mate

A PIR sensor detects when someone passes by and delivers your own recorded message, upto 30 seconds long. Easy to attach to trees, fence posts etc.