A range of spares are available for the Fairbang birdscarer  

Control Box

Part Number  FB01

Check to see if your original box can be repaired

Spark Plug

Part Number  FB03

Check the gap on your plug 3mm , width of a pound coin

Ignition Coil

Part Number  FB06

A standard oil filled coil no ballast

Ignition Lead

Part Number FB04

Tip , if you have problems with animals eating the rubber  lead,coat in grease

Gas Solenoid Valve

Part Number FB05

12V dc , the wires to this valve can go either way round

Rubber Gas Hose

Part Number FB07

Order by the metre

Gas regulator

Part Number FB08

The regulator ensures the pressure in the gas line does not exceed 1 Bar

Test Switch

Part Number FB10

Comes complete with rubber boot

Outer Casing

Part Number FB09

Predrilled sturdy case

Pair of Crocodile  Clips

Part Number FB28

Red positive and Black negative

Other spares are available if you need something not shown .

D.M.Electronics Ltd

01969 622778


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