The ideal way to put your own personal message across to anyone passing by .


  Delivers a recorded message triggered by a PIR sensor as somebody passes by

                 Any message upto 30 seconds long can be recorded by the user, once triggered a delay of two minutes before message can  be retriggered .

  Easy to use 4 button control including variable volume , power supply 4 x AA batteries

Longlife low power mode when not triggered giving several months between battery changes

Strong aluminium enclosure vandal and weather resistant , size 150mm x 80mm x 60mm

Ideal for farmers , warning people to keep dogs on leads or beware of livestock in fields.

 Useful for councils , parks ,estates , visually impaired , security , warning messages .

                 Hundreds of uses , use your OWN  VOICE  to get your MESSAGE across

Easy to attach to trees , fence posts etc , message can  be recorded and erased thousands of times

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